Silky Siomak Pack – Eat Me

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Silky Siomak Pack – Eat Me 99 99



  • Harus dengan Gojek tipe Instant

Informasi Pemesanan:

  • Sayur akan langsung dikirim, namun jika stock habis maka akan dikirim h+1
  • Apabila jumlah stock sayur kurang sedangkan uang sudah ditransfer, maka akan kami kirim jumlah stock sayur yang ada dan sisanya akan kami refund/transfer kembali
  • Tidak ada pengiriman di hari minggu
  • Pemesanan pada hari sabtu akan dikirim hari Senin depannya

Standarisasi Eat Me:

  • 100% Hydroponics
  • Greenhouse Grown
  • Pesticide Safe
  • Non-GMO
  • Clean & Safe Filtered Water Source
  • Contains More Nutrients & Vitamins
  • Healthier & Tastier


Siomak is a vegetable that is included in the category of lettuce. Physically, siomak is fresh green, the shape of the leaves are slim and long. The edges of the leaves look jagged and some are bumpy. Benefits of Siomak:

  1. Streamlining BAB
  2. Antioxidants prevent cancer
  3. For immunity
  4. Good for pregnant women and babies
  5. For lack of blood
  6. Good for child development, brain and nervous system

Composition: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E, Calcium, FE, Fiber, Folic acid

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